Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday After a Week of Traveling

We returned from North Carolina on Tuesday of last week
Traveled to McDonough, Georgia 
on Friday
with two grandchildren in the backseat - Ellie and Luke.

We were going there to celebrate Ada's 4th birthday,
staying at "a hotel" near Laura Beth and Scott's house.
The kids were excited and Ada was going to stay with us at the hotel.
We did, she did, and we celebrated and now we're home

What can I say?  Charlie and I are grandparents.  
And we had the look as we supervised 3 grandchildren ages 6,5,& 4
overnight in a basic hotel, complete with indoor pool and continental breakfast.

Ada and Ellie in bed after swimming and bathing.

Next day we woke ready to party.
 Luke, Ada, and Ellie greet the first guests.
They look like a panel of judges on a reality show.
American Idol? Dancing With the Stars?
Children are funny the way they do the "stand-off thing" until they warm up.
No social pretense here. Just checking it out.

Here's the way a girl (Ada, who loves art projects) approaches her craft project
 set in front of her.
"Build Your Own Princess Crown"

Here is non artist boy, Luke, already having completed his boy hat.
Four letters in L-u-k-e, 3 athletic ball stickers and presto, there's a visor.
and he sits back to visit with whomever.

This photo:  Well, it's from a perspective of my watching Ellie watch Ada.
One of Ellie's "thorns in the flesh" is her struggle with not being the birthday girl
when she's not the birthday girl and someone else is.

She understands her struggle and that it is just that.
She even understands about having to trust Christ to "sanctify" her.
Not using such big words in her mind -
but she is taught always that it is only Christ in her who can change that part of her.

Prayers were answered and all enjoyed
the celebration of Ada turning four.

Indeed it is an awesome thing being the birthday girl
and having a beautiful princess cake

In this next picture Charlie and Luke having some "guy conversation"
during the Princess Party.  And speaking of guys, 
John napped through the entire party.
He is in none of the pictures.  
Ada's little brother. 

See the sword?  Those were favors for a few little boys who were invited.
Luke has loved this sword.  Laura Beth got these at Hobby Lobby for nothing.
She told me the cost but I've forgotten.
Well under $1.00 for each sword.
We took one to Andrew.  You'll see later.

Art Supplies were the dominant gifts.
The girls loved all of this.

Again, Luke thinking through how to approach this whole situation.

And .... ta daaahhhhhh.

Back home.  Andrew enjoying the party favors we brought him.
His visor which I made for him, but he wears it upside down.
And his sword.
He, too, has loved the sword, just like "wukie's". Lukie or Luke

The End.

And now it's Monday.

I'm cleaning off my back porch and hope to get grass cut and some inside cleaning done.
That's a tall order for me.

Don't know if I can get it all done.

It would help if I'd get off the computer.

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Mary Ann said...

Love the post, especially your explanations of the pictures. The photos of Andrew are toooooo much.