Thursday, August 4, 2011

So Little I Have to Write


I have a blog, which is to be written in/posted on/..... Write Something!!!

So - I will be methodical.

1.  Returned from North Carolina on Tuesday after a different "scenic" route home - Not the usual Interstate Route.  It was beautiful.  Charlie and I want to do that in the other direction.  Go back the same way we came.  Beautiful.  Majestic.  We had been in Winston-Salem to help Kate move furniture into her new location/her new house.

2.  Regrouped on Wednesday and Thursday.
3.  We will travel to McDonough on Friday with Ellie and Luke to celebrate Ada's 4th birthday.

All of those sentences are clean and neat and made up of letters from the alphabet which form words and sentences.  Still - what is not communicated is emotion - and physical "feelings" - and conversations - and things I know which have burst into my world - but are either inappropriate or uninteresting for blog world.  

Babies are being born, babies have been born, messages on answering machine, phone conversations which are startling, and awesome, too, news from home - Evergreen - grandchildren - daughters - mirrors - meals - scales - morning, noon, and night - vivid dreams about it all - bills - expenses - spending - faith and prayer and trusting and asking - all of this world - so much of it - and always looking toward the eternal.  His Kingdom come, His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.


Here is what I want my every morning  moment prayer to be:
"May the Lamb that was slain receive in my life today 
the reward of His sufferings".  
based on Revelations 5:9

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