Monday, September 5, 2011

No White or Pastels After Labor Day?


No more flip flops?  No sandals?  Is that the rule?

Here it is at 7:00 pm and I've been reading a few blog posts and there is that continuing theme of no more summer stuff after labor day.

I hope the weather pays attention.


I can't slip into my yellow sandals? which usually sit outside my back door -

I used to know all of that and pay close attention.

I don't think the rules are as hard and fast as they used to be.  At least that's what I'm saying and sticking with.  Honestly, I don't care that much.

I was just reminded of my childhood and going downtown with Mom to the shoestore where we shopped.  Suddith & Bethune - and later it was Lambert's.  We bought fall shoes for fall & winter and Easter shoes for spring and summer.  School shoes and Sunday shoes for fall - but I only remember Sunday shoes for summer.  What did I wear to school after Easter?  I know I wore sandals and flip flops in the summer.  Oh, and keds.  I wore keds to school.  Without socks, probably.

I don't think I ever bought any clothing item outside of Evergreen, AL when I was growing up.  I don't remember it.  Unless, it was in Troy, AL and we bought it at Rosenberg's - a very fine ladies' shop in downtown Troy.  I know my grandmother bought Mary Ann and me our Easter Dresses from Rosenberg's when we were 6 and 4.  Mine was dotted swiss.  Perhaps Mary Ann's was too.  When I was  a senior I bought my prom dress at Rosenberg's.  It was so expensive that my uncle paid half for it as my graduation gift.  Total cost of the dress?  $55.00.  Too expensive for Mother and Daddy to buy as one purchase for Prom - and "The Miss Evergreen Beauty Contest".  I confess.  We had that.  Sorry.

I'm rambling - but Labor Day in September is so different compared to the past.

It rained all day today - as in flooding.  Charlie worked in his office all day since the Courthouse was closed for Labor Day - so that he could get a lot done.  Labor Day defines nothing for me anymore in terms of seasons changing.  What the rain has done is probably make things a bit cooler - or at least less hot.  I'm so glad for that.  I'm looking forward to fall and winter.  Usually I'm not looking forward to cooler weather.  I am very glad for fall and winter this year.  It's been such a hot summer and a very very - well - not a summer for vacations and recreation.   A tedious summer.  Detailed.  Details.  Blessed.  Abigail was born.  Laura Beth and Scott had major changes, for which we are all grateful.  Kate came(from Wake) and went(to China) and came(from China) and went(back to Wake).  Sarah visited but she's deep into New Orleans.

Good grief!  I'm rambling.

But tonight?  I am enjoyng the sound of rain all around and all over us.  We're very wet outside.


Laura Forman said...

I love your rambles... :)

LB said...

I am going with no white and that is it. In fact, Ada and John both wore their Easter outfits yesterday, so that I could fit them in one last time. But I am definitely still wearing flip flops.

craftedniche said...

I say wear your flip flops proudly. It's October but it's been in the 80's for the last week here in St. Louis. It's not my fault it's hot outside... I'm not going to let the calendar solely dictate what I wear!

Dana @

PS - THANKS for listing my blog in your sidebar. I'm honored!