Monday, September 26, 2011

Pumpkins, Hydrangeas, Sweet Potatoes, et al.

I really have no brilliant fall decorations.  

I just pulled out pumpkins from the past - and I'm about to show pictures - to Sarah and to Kate and Laura Beth if they want to see.

Sarah and Kate live about 8 hours driving time away.  They've expressed that seasonal homesickness.

I feel it too.  I want to go home.  To Evergreen.  I want to have coffee with Mother and her sisters and my cousins and Mary Ann and Ella (my grandmother)  - and laugh with all of them and talk about everything.


Well - there aren't that many left in Evergreen - but still, I want to go home.

I talked with a friend who used to live in Scottsboro - told her I missed her - and she said she always thinks of Scottsboro this time of year.  We had a lot of fun when she lived here, along with 2 other gals who've moved away, also.

This time of year stirs up nostalgia - doesn't it?  Therefore,

Here's a taste of home for my girls.

Burlap Pumpkins
on the mantel

My "funkin" which I can't decide whether to paint or not.
(I mean, I want to definitely, but just not sure how I want to do it.  
There are so many ideas on Pinterest and in magazines)

Faux Mercury Glass
which I did a couple of weeks ago.

The kitchen pumpkins
or, pumpkins which are in the kitchen

Blue and Orange
when there are reblooms on the hydrangea bush,
well, we get some blue and orange for football season.

Notice, Sarah and Kate, the two updates
on the photo wall!

Sweet Potatoes 
from Farmers' Market

These birds were on the clearance table at SteinMart.
$1.95 each.  

And finally,
the best pumpkin of all
in pink
(or a little sweet potato)

Happy Fall.
It's early in the season, yet.

I'm sure I'll get more pumpkins (real ones) and 
for Halloween.


LB said...

it's killing me how big Abigail is, which is why I have to get home.

atfarrar said...

Elizabeth - I love your picture wall! It looks great along with all your seasonal touches. But that sweet baby girl...oh, she's just a doll! Cannot believe how big she is already; just precious!
A Farrar

Mary Ann said...

What a great post! Love the burlap pumpkins and the faux mercury glass. The pictures of the precious pink pumpkin (Abigail) are too much. Could eat her up.

Coffee with the family members makes me want to cry. How we miss them!

joy said...

I get homesick for dobro this time of year, and well maybe it's just for am easier more simple time of life..the leves on th emailed trees in my front yard somehow suffice as I watch our boys play in them an realize this is ther home..
But I do so love fall and would love some hot cocoa and a walk down memory lane with you and all the girls!

joy said...

That's supposed to say s boro but his lovely iPad corrects and or makes up stuff if it doesn't recognize a word..