Friday, October 7, 2011

We've Been at Orange Beach

  • Mike and Mary Bratton were with us the first night and first day.
  • Sarah joined us on Monday night and returned to NOLA on Wednesday (with car malfunctioning as she arrived in Gulf Shores, but we had that repaired and now the car functions :-)
  • Yesterday, traveling home, we visited in Evergreen with Mary Ann, and my aunt, uncle, and cousin...around their table, with coffee.  Sharing birth stories of the new additions to our Northcutt family.  (while Charlie and John Law discussed politics and Auburn football)
  • Traveling still further north toward Scottsboro, we met Kate in downtown Birmingham for dinner, at 5:30.  She's in Alabama for a friend's wedding, this weekend.
  • Now here we are, at home on, not Monday morning, but Friday morning.  That's good.  It feels like Monday to me.
I didn't get enough of South Alabama and Orange Beach.
But I really like home, too.  Always my dilema.

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