Saturday, October 15, 2011


I was in Auburn today...

to get Ada....

who was with her mom.....

who was attending a baby shower for a friend....

on the day Auburn was scheduled to play Florida.

So Ann, Ellie, Abigail and I drove from Scottsboro to "make a day of it".

We picked up Ada and had our own Auburn experience, minus the game.

Ada and Ellie at Toomer's Coffee Shop

Ann, Abigail, with Kelly on the bench.
Ann and Kelly met at the beginning of their freshman year.
Kelly is pregnant with her 3rd.  Ann is holding her 4th.

Then we drove home.

A trip that normally takes 3 1/2 hours 
between Auburn and Scottsboro

takes almost 5 hours with a baby
and two little girls in the car.

It was worth it.
We have Ada with us,
and it was fun to see all the hoopla in Auburn.


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LB said...

I LOVE the bloomers,(and the headband) and I was wondering where ya'll were in the pictures...