Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I Don't Want to Take for Granted

  1. That my children are alive and well (I have friends & family whose adult children are not still with them - what we call tragic)
  2. That my eyes work on this day (I have a friend who is having double vision and doctors are merely guessing why)
  3. That my grandchildren are healthy and breathing and are exhausting me at times. ( I know of those whose babies didn't live nearly long enough)
  4. That my brain is only suffering memory loss at what seems to be an expected rate. ( I have loved those whose brains atrophied much too soon with that awful Alzheimer's Disease)
  5. That Charlie and I can pay our bills (I know there are those who can't and who are scared that they can't)
  6. That Charlie has a job (Some don't have a job)
  7. That my arms and my legs work - that I breathe - that I feel safe and comfortable - that I swallow correctly - that the car which swerved during our trip on Friday didn't cause us to have a head on collision - that my mom and dad lived a long, good life - that I've only ever known safe love - it's endless what I don't want to take for granted - in other words - be thankful - thankful - thankful - grateful - enjoy - breathe it in.
  8. That at night I lie down in safety and comfort - (I see the homeless in cities and only know of them in the small areas where I live)
  9. That noone hurts me or arrests me when I worship God. (so many are in prison on this day for their faith in Christ - and so many are being tortured and hurt for their faith in Him)
and if all of that is taken from me tomorrow?  Still be thankful, though crushed with grief - crushed and bleeding - because He intends only good for me.  I want to breathe those words, "Thank You." if I only mouth them because the pain is too hard to say - but if I am His, He blesses.  Isn't that right?  Right?  I beg for grace in those God given trials.  He promises grace.

  1. That Jesus pursued me and called me out and caused my heart to live and I was rebirthed (There are those who are blind and deaf and imprisoned, without spiritual life)
  2. That Jesus continues to shape me and mold me and make me. (He does that with all who are His)
  3. That Ann, Laura Beth, Sarah and Kate love Him passionately and desire to be shaped into His likeness.  That Steve and Scott love Him passionately and desire to be shaped into His likeness.
He won't take those away, because it all depends on Him and not us.  Actually, everything depends on Him - but those last 3 things are eternal and are part of His eternal kingdom - the other - mortal and temporary and material for trials and sanctification.

Clinging to the everlasting arms.

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