Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Words of My Own

Yesterday's post recommended this blog - and I still do, so don't want any reader to miss it.  It's also listed under my blogs that I read.   If you'll click on this title, Gazing Upward, you'll get to it.  She posted again today and it will soon be time for them to return to the States.

Moving on, back in my world.....

Not much to say, so let me look into Of First Importance  to see today's quote.

Oh, that is exactly what I've had on my mind these days - how God brings us to obedience to Him.

Here it is:

"The Father is intimately involved in our lives so that our circumstances train us in godliness.  The Son has set us free from both the penalty and the power of sin so that we now live under the reign of grace.  The Spirit gives us a new attitude toward sin and a new power to change.

The combined forces of the Trinity are at work in our lives to set us free and make us holy."
- Tim Chester YOU CAN CHANGE  (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2010), 53.

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