Thursday, April 15, 2010

About The Title of This Blog

Cinderella, Little Furmaid, and Sleeping Judy.

Sounds like Cinderella, Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty, doesn't it?


It really is that.  I explained the title on my first post when I began this blog.  It was 2 years ago and Ellie was about to be 3.  That's how she heard the names of those princesses.  Because this blog is mostly about my favorite things and what I like to remember - and because at the time she was so young and it was precious the way she confidently called them by those names, I titled this blog with Ellie's version of
their names.  Her 3 favorite ladies, rather princesses.


I didn't want to forget how that sounded.

Yesterday Laura Beth told me that Ada was getting out of her bath and Laura Beth grabbed her Mickey Mouse towel - or some towel with a Disney Character on it.  Not the one with the 3 princesses.  So Ada requested the princess towel, saying, "I want the one with Sleeping Tutti on it".  Oh my goodness.  Well, I can't change the title of my blog now, but that's hilarious.  Sleeping Tutti!  Laura Beth has a really good friend whom everyone calls Tutti.  Ada really likes her and her 3 children.  In Sleeping Beauty she hears Sleeping Tutti.  I bet that with 3 children Tutti, at times, has wished she was Sleeping Tutti.  I bet Laura Beth wishes she was Sleeping Laura Beth.  Andrew is not sleeping so great these days, more teeth.  Ann wants to be Sleeping Ann.


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