Sunday, April 11, 2010

Been gone a while

I realize there has been no posting.  Last week was a little "different".  I'll explain in a later post.

But Thursday Charlie and I traveled/travelled to Pensacola to visit his Mom.  She will be 87 April 19, and I have to work to keep up with her, mentally.  She is sharp as a tack!  Physically fit also - She walks vigorously with her neighbor, at least 3 times a week.  She and Charlie discussed the Masters Golf tournament and also the appointment of the new Supreme Court Justice.  At one point, right after we got there, I had already misplaced my glasses.  She told me exactly where they were.  I asked her how in the world she knew where they were.  She'd noticed where I put them down.

Friday morning we drove to Point Clear to stay at the Grand Hotel.  The DA's Association was having meetings there.  I don't usually get to go with Charlie, but this time I did.  On the way, driving through Gulf Shores, we stopped at our old favorite - Sea and Suds.  There we both got raw oysters and I got steamed shrimp.  Charlie had gumbo.  Delicious and the beach is ever faithful to draw me in - with the desire to spend whole summers there....or at least more time than I am able to spend.

We arrived at the Grand Hotel Friday Afternoon - and today we are driving home.

No pictures because this laptop is still new to me and I haven't downloaded photos yet.  Next week I will begin my "Apple Tutorials" which I signed up for at the Apple Store.  Will be going to Huntsville for that.

I'll be in Scottsboro tonight and back to my world there.

I guess all know this, but Fairhope is the most delightful area - very calm yet very artsy and creative and lots of seafood.  Lots of Live Oaks stretching their massive branches, reaching out to shade whomever and whatever.  The Azaleas are gorgeous - and there obviously is a lot of money down here, because the homes are scrumptious and unique.  No copycat architecture - so beautiful.  And Mobile Bay is mesmerizing.  So relaxing.  I'll take the Bay any day.  I do enjoy the Gulf Waters, but give me the bay also.  Very relaxing.

I've gotta go.  We're going home.

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