Monday, April 19, 2010

I Strongly Recommend This Blog

Friday, as Ann and I were driving to Huntsville, she began telling me about a blog she is following.

Last night I was at her house and she showed it to me.

I think I have this story straight.  Ann knows of her through another girl Ann knew at Auburn.

The blog address is,

This young mother, who has already written, in the blog world, about her 5 miscarriages, her son who was finally conceived and carried full term and delivered healthy, is now writing about how God has taken them through the adoption process to be parents of a precious little Chinese girl.

They finally met and picked up their  little girl just last week, on the 11th or 12th.
She is 18 months.  They knew of her before her first birthday, but there are so many stages to the adoption process, so they have just all now been united.   It's an amazing story and takes the reader into their private world, into the Chinese culture, and into the young life of a little girl who was left by her mother in a place to be found by a passerby, then taken to an orphanage where she lived for 6 months, and then placed in a foster village where she lived until she was able to meet her new American parents.

I highly recommend going to this post.  The writer is also that, a writer - professional writer - so she has other places on her blog which are very encouraging - things she has written out of her experiences with life and what God has revealed to her in His word.

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Laura Forman said...

ok, you know i am going to love this blog...haven't been to it yet, but can't wait to read it! :) thanks for sharing!