Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday with Andrew

These pictures were taken yesterday of Andrew -
on his first Saturday after being born into this world. Those 5 day old baby legs.

Andrew - welcome to Saturdays at the Barber home.

Luke's just staring at his baby brother.
(Today at church people were saying hello to Luke, with a hint of compassion in their voice - as if they were well aware that he no longer was the baby - which prompted me to say to them, "Luke is officially the 'middle child' ".
Whoa - all kinds of voices came out of the woodwork - saying they, too, were middle children and it would be okay)

Ellie wasn't liking it that my camera's flash would be in Andrew's eyes.
She wanted me not to disturb him.

Luke placed this little blue guy beside Andrew.

Again, as in an earlier post - Luke's official camera smile.

The Yawn

relaxed in Kate's arms

Those toes, which I've heard described as being like early spring peas.

Again - the bowed legs and feet - after 9 months of being folded up inside mommy.

In Charlie's lap - this is the life, isn't it?

I love this angle. I love it.

Sorry this blog is not supposed to be about my grandchildren, but that is predominant in my brain right now since Ann just delivered Andrew on February 2. The Charlie Rhodes Family has revolved this past week around the Steven Barber family due to the birth of Andrew Bailey Barber. Tonight will be my first night back home in my own bed. Ann and Steve will fly solo tonight - but I'll probably go out there tomorrow to help with house maintenance.
and many other days - plus nights - to help folks catch up with sleep.
Andrew is beginning to "wake up" - and that is when it gets hectic before it gets manageable.
He's not at all fussy - yet - but these are still the "sleepy" days.


Hollen said...

He looks fake. :) LOL He is SOOO precious! I hope that I get to see him when I come down to camp in June. :)

joy said...

he is gorgeous!~!!!!!