Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Andrew was born yesterday!

Well, if anyone is reading this, then you already probably know that Andrew Barber was born yesterday - I just spent so much time downloading pictures of the big event , but Laura beth uses my computer when she is here - and when I go to the blog spot, it goes to her blog - but I don't usually catch it. Anyway - the post for my blog with all the pictures is on Laura Beth's blog and I just don't have time to change all of that. I have way to much to do right now.

so - if you don't know how to get to her blog, then just look at my list of blogs, it's All Things Ada.
click on it and you'll see my post.

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Hollen said...

That is so awesome! He is so precious! I wil lgo to Laura Beth's blog just in case there are pictures that I missed. :)