Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Night.

Saturday night.

Andrew is working on being 3 weeks.

Mary Ann was just here for a visit, to see Andrew.

She came on Thursday and left this morning.

Ann and Steve and Andrew are at the church tonight for a little outing. Younger couples, (Scott's class), are watching the movie, "Fireproof".

Ellie and Luke are here at our house.

I have nothing memorable to post - but not wanting the same post to remain -

Perhaps Monday I'll have something to write.

I miss Laura Beth and Ada and Sarah and Kate - That leaves Scott out - awwwww - I wish that Scott and Laura Beth and Ada were close by - and Sarah and Kate. My whole family I want close by. Seems like anything is closer than Albuquerque - I'll never get over how far away that was. Except that Kate is going to China during her Spring Break. I'm just not cut out for so much distance.

I need to close.

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