Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Is Ending and May Is Upon Us

Ann and I walked this morning.  We've been rather consistent - walking at 5:45 in her neighborhood - so many good, steep hills.

Our conversation went to how the days speed past us.  Time speeds by.  Each individual day is very present and then it's a vapor.  The days are lost in my memory.

Already my oldest grandchild is seven.  Ellie's birthday was yesterday.  For that reason Laura Beth is traveling to Scottsboro today with John and Ada.  Ada is invited to a very small sleepover on Friday night at Ellie's house.  Ellie will have 3 young guests - 3 little girls.  Charlie and I will have Luke, Andrew and John spend the night with us on Friday night.  Looks like we'll have our own spend the night party.
This picture was taken yesterday at my house.
Ann with her girls, Ellie (7) and Abigail (10 mo.)

Speaking of time going by so fast,
I've been going through old photos that Charlie brought back from his mother's house 
when they moved her from Pensacola to Atlanta.

I ran across these pictures taken of our house in November 1994, 
after we had moved in during the month of August 1994.
That was 18 years ago.

Look at how bare everything was.

So I went outside yesterday to take pictures of our house right now.
April 2012.

What a different 18 years of growth makes.

that's all.

Just needed to put up a new post.

I have lots of projects to work on.

I moved them all to my back porch on Monday 
to get them out of my garage and right where I'll be reminded to get them done.

It all involves stripping and priming and painting.

I love projects, now that it's warm outside.


Anonymous said...

You called Abigail Ada :)

But, that's so fascinating to see the pictures of the house!

Laura Beth said...

Wow, doesn't seem possible that it could be 18 years. But what a trasformation the house and the lives of you and your girls have made. I still remeber being so excited when yall moved in.. I loved having bike buddies in the summertime :)

SW said...

I was trying to figure out how to email you on here, but I can't figure it out. I am married to a Wilkerson from southren Alabama. Just happened across your page, thought I'd say hello! Feel free to email me at:


April said...

Elizabeth, please email me...
Wanted to share with you about a
recent visit in Evergreen,
Thanks, April