Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Halfway Through May. Can You Believe It?

To the some 20 odd people who still might read my blog.... if that many...., I'm going to post something.

I promise my life is so full - but just not blog worthy.  Correction - actually, I think any life is blog worthy - the daily tasks and dealing with them - they are reality - and I do find the details fascinating and listening to someone tell them - but to put all of it into words, creatively - well - it's a challenge.

I do teach an art class on Wednesday nights at church.  So - I took pictures and am about to post them.
There are a lot.  I don't think I will narrate - there are just so many.  Feel free to comment with questions.  (I ended up narrating toward the bottom of the post)

The Art Show was on Wednesday May 9, 2012 - last Wednesday.  The children are from grade 1 through 6.  Wide age range for abilities and skills - but we get it done - thanks to the internet.  There are some great blogs out there by professional Art Teachers of Children.  I have about 2 or 3 which are my favorite.  I use the projects which they share with the world.


Below are pictures I took of the children finishing up some work they'd begun.
I love to see them at work.  So intent on what they are doing.

And if you live in Scottsboro, and are curious about the inside of the not very typical church building, on Broad St.,  which houses our body of believers,
well, here are some not very good photos I took.

We've just recently spruced up the sanctuary, below, but this picture doesn't do it justice.
It now has a new warm and cozy feeling.  I love it.
Sad you can't see it in this picture.

Below is the art room, leading into the sanctuary.
Across the sanctuary is the door leading to the kitchen.

 Below is from Steve's perspective or anyone's perspective if they are standing behind our little black podium.  In the way way back is all the audio stuff.  Our audio guys sit back there.
See the round white spot at the very back.  That's a very large clock.

I think that's for Steve.  I never think he goes too long, but he is kind of known for that.
I'm usually so into his very very gifted bible teaching that I don't even notice it's gotten late.
I don't notice it's long until his son, Luke, whispers to me, "Is Daddy almost finished?"

There.  I've finally done a new post.

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Mary Ann said...

I love all the artwork the children did, but I especially love the cows(?). I think they're cows. And, again, I love the paint palette cookies.