Thursday, May 17, 2012

Okay, I Don't Know Where to Start, Nor How to Title This Post

So - I just titled it with that admission and this whole post will be an admission of sorts - or a disclosure about myself.

I am going to share something rather quirky about myself - odd - yet it feels perfectly normal and natural to me.

The idea to post about this came to me on Monday after I had bought new makeup.  I had to make myself throw away the packaging after I took the makeup out of the boxes.

It's Estee Lauder and I save the packaging and the empty bottles and other containers.

I do.  See for yourself.

I have not always done this.

The idea came to me a few years ago when I experienced that little thrill of getting new makeup.
I love the packaging.  I love the containers.  So I decided I'd just keep them.
And when I'm done with the product - when I've used it all - I thoroughly clean  out the container - getting rid of all makeup residue or cream residue or whatever the residue is - 
and I return the empty vessel to it's box.  

Does the reader find this odd?

Ann realized I was doing this, shortly after she moved back to Scottsboro from Albuquerque.
She asked me, "Mom, when you die, what are we supposed to do with your empty Estee Lauder containers?"  I told her to throw them away.

On Monday when I  MADE myself throw away the boxes, I felt a tug of regret.
Yet I felt I didn't really need to hoard these pretty blue boxes.
 I did thoroughly clean out the powder container and I washed the puff.

That's it.  That's my quirky habit.  I enjoy it.

I began using Estee Lauder in 1973 and have used it on and off since then, depending on my age and spendable income.  Now that I'm 61 and my skin is showing results of my abuse in the sun,  I definitely use it.  The only other makeup that I've been as satisfied with is Mary Kay.  I really really liked it.
But I like Estee Lauder the best.

My skin might be better if I had indulged in their skin care products.  I did for a while, but the damage had been done and it was just too expensive.  I now just use their makeup for cover up and enjoy what samples they share with me.

What if I'd been saving the packaging and containers since 1973? That would be really crazy!

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