Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Reason Kate and I Were in Evergreen.....

is because my sister is President of the UMW.


she gets speakers for their monthly meetings.

What is UMW?  United Methodist Women.

It's a classic.  There used to also be different groups within the church and they were called circles.  They had names attached to them - like - The Nellie Newton Circle - The Ada Henderson Circle.

I know for a fact that The Ada Henderson Circle lives on, because Mary Ann is a part of that one.  I'm not sure what the original purpose was - because there was always the Methodist Womens' Group - I guess there is still The Nellie Newton Cirlce also.  I don't know.

Ada Henderson is the name of my great grandmother.  I've just always heard her name with that particular circle.  I don't think I know who Nellie Newton was.

Back to our trip - Kate was the speaker for this month's meeting of the UMW.  Mary Ann asked her to tell how she came to trust Christ and believe in Him and walk with Him and also to tell about her work in RUF, which is Reformed University Fellowship.  Kate is an intern with that campus ministry, on the campus of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  So - we drove down to Evergreen for that.  It was a delightful salad luncheon and fellowship with ladies I've known for a long, long time - and also those who are new to me.

And so it was over.  

Kate and I drove around Evergreen, seeing old houses and neighborhoods, 
before we went back to Mary Ann's house to get our bags.

Then up, up, up to the top of the state in Jackson County.
All the way up on Sand Mountain, and then down into this pretty valley where sits Scottsboro.
Over the bridge and we're home.

Charlie had the house so neat and straight - and with it being dusk, the outdoor lights were on.

Good to be home.

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