Monday, December 5, 2011


Getting Ready.

I've made fruitcake.
I love it.

I keep my recipes out.

The ones I like to do, if I can, each Christmas.

The wrapped fruitcake - in soaked cheesecloth, wrapped in foil.

and my tree with the crafted paper ornaments.

I guess we can call this our "paper christmas".

and here at the last, I've begun to make these.
Saw what I would call the originals at Anthropologie and just KNEW I could make them
But didn't pursue the idea.... UNTIL...
I saw them done HERE

That's all I needed.  I loved them first at Anthropologie
 and then this gal gave me what I needed to make them myself.

And my sweet white Lenox Nativity.
I collected it so long ago.
It's quiet and white and serene and breakable.
I keep it up high.

The movable pieces are beautiful and touchable for little hands.
I had it arranged but in reach.

Some little person moved the pieces so that all the sheep are around Baby Jesus.

 And my past and present Christmas Pictures.

Decorations that have so much history and are built on the theme,
"Every Christmas" or "Traditio"

and then there's my little "craft stash"
ready at a moment's notice
to make one more thing.

and the Christmas Mugs.
Christmas Coffee.
Every morning.
Some afternoons.


Aimee said...

AWESOME Post! I'm loving how your snow globes turned out!!! Impressive!!! I'm excited to be following you and your great ideas!!! Visit again soon!

XO, Aimee from

Susan said...

Loved having a "bird's eye" view of your Christmas decorations. Love, love the snow globes. Can't wait to make one!!