Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Update

Last Weekend on the 10th
I had the unique privilege of traveling to Clarkston, Georgia with Steve, Charlie, Ellie and Luke to handout blankets and other warm things as well as gift bags to immigrants from Burma and some other countries.  Our church family had collected/purchased and put together these things for 40 or 50 families.  The 5 of us had the fun task of handing them to these brave and dear people.  Our connect in Clarkston is my friend, Mary Emily Mulloy, along with her husband, Bob.  Mary Emily and I were friends and housemates in Auburn all the way back in 1973.  Long time ago.  

In this photo I'm keeping Ellie warm underneath my jacket.
It looks like I'm smothering her.
For some reason she had taken her jacket off.

That's Steve handing a gift bag and blankets to a very sweet lady.

Young man on the left is Tha-htoo.  He is a leader amongst his fellow Burmese friends.
He has been in the U.S. 3 1/2 years.  Was in a refugee camp in Thailand before coming to the states.
He is a hard worker and speaks English very well.
He was our director - getting us to those in need of what we brought.

Ellie and Luke on the right.
These other children - aren't they adorable?

My friend, Mary Emily, handing blankets to a very grateful lady.

I love this picture.  Left to Right, Moo from Burma, Ellie from United States,
Moo's friend from Iraq, and Moo's friend from Somalia.
Four beautiful girls from all over the world.

This weekend, beginning on Thursday the 15th....
I met Laura Beth in Adairsville and picked up Ada and John.  Laura Beth and Scott drove to Scottsboro to join them on Saturday and they all left on Sunday after lunch.

And so began 2 nights and 2 days with Ada and John.
The days began very early - which is fine with me.
I get up early anyway.
My grandchildren own my house.
Any drawer is free game - especially the pen and pencil drawer.

Again, early Friday morning, still dark out.
Coffee tastes so very good that time of morning.

Around 10:00 on Friday Ada was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her cousins.
Ann had called to say they were en route.
She's dancing and twirling with excitement.

a brief stand still...

Finally here.

It all creates so much silliness - all that excitement.

And Ta Daaaaaaaahhhhh.
She worked her puzzle which I had for her to open.
They were so anxious to open just one gift.
I got them each a small puzzle for them to open and work.

I wanted more pictures.

But that would mean actually remembering to pick up the camera and clicking.

Kate drove home from North Carolina on Friday.
Laura Beth and Scott arrived on Saturday.
We had a modified Christmas meal on Saturday night, 
because that was our Christmas with Laura Beth and Scott - 


On Sunday the 18th Abigail was dedicated to God by her parents.
Because Steve is our pastor and Abigail's daddy, Steve has to get someone else to do baby dedication for his children.  This time he asked Charlie to do it.  Unique, since Charlie is her granddaddy.

Charlie, Kate and I concluded Sunday evening with a trip to Birmingham
to see Briarwood Presbyterian's Christmas Program.
It involved Choir/Orchestra/and Ballet celebrating the Gospel.
The joy of God's gift - God coming to us - to bring us to Him.

That's my Christmas so far.

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