Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Christmas

With 96.9 on my radio, playing that "cool" and "nostalgic" Christmas Music, I drove up/down 72 to get my dear friend, Mary, for lunch - this holiday season.  Cold, rainy holiday weather calls for friends to hunker down and get some soup.  We got it at The Veranda in Scottsboro.  Delish!  Chicken Noodle Soup was featured today and it hit the spot - that and their coffee.

After lunch she and I meandered through two local shops and mostly looked at all the pretties.  So much Christmas.  We reflected about all those past years when we were younger - and so wanted to gather as many gorgeous ornaments and trims as we could.  They're still gorgeous to look at, but we both agreed we're maxed out.  Can't buy another ornament, the way our tummies get full and we can't hold another bite.  This year I just made my ornaments and didn't even get my old ones out.  The trouble with that is, NOW I HAVE MORE ORNAMENTS TO STORE!  What was I thinking?  Oh well, I'm having fun.  I had fun.

And with all that said - and written on Wednesday -

It is now Thursday -

Our Christmas Dinner at church is a memory.  It was last night.  I took my camera and came home without a single photo.  But we had a delightful time.  Fellowship - Food, catered by The Veranda, (2nd time The Veranda is in this post) and beautiful table settings.  We, the ladies, signed up for decorating one table each.

As Laura Beth said in this post,   "And, because I hate a post without pictures, I'll end with a few..."

What follows are the "outtakes", the ones that couldn't show up in Ann's Christmas Card.
This is the reality of taking 114 photos for one perfect Christmas Card Photo.

1.  That's me trying to hide behind the four so that they are lined up and it will appear that Abigail is sitting alone.  Do you see my back and hair and hand on her arm?

2.  Better solution as long as I don't choke Abigail.
I was so very very low down and had a death grip on the back of her dress.
See how it's pulled around her neck?

3.  She gets smothered with kisses.  If one starts kissing her, they all do.
They are a very competitive, keep up with each other, set of siblings.

4.  Andrew apparently wasn't enjoying the photo shoot.
This is in the beginning.  Ann was trying to get some individual shots of him and of Luke.
Andrew needed a nap and it was tough getting his cooperation.

5.  He was more interested in ladybugs crawling on his fingers.

6.  I think here, Andrew had just put his finger in Abigail's mouth.
Notice the funny face she's wearing, my fingers on Andrew's shoulder, and the look on his face.
It's, "I know I wasn't supposed to do that, but I just had to".

7.  And here are the brothers - 
Ann wanting them together in a shot, but again, 
Andrew not in the mood for Luke's arm to be around him.

8.  Okay - so we've moved to Ann's screened porch.  The kids' smiles aren't natural nor are they smiling all at the same time so I had to think of something funny - I remembered Andrew and Luke's favorite version of Jingle Bells.  I'm singing it and acting it out with Ann as the victim - as she takes the picture.
Lyrics, here, so you'll understand:

Jingle bells, Shotgun shells
Granny had a gun
Shot me in my underpants
and boy I had to run!

Notice that Abigail doesn't seem to understand the humor.

9.  So I had to single her out and talk all 
ooshy goosh to her - the voice she recognizes as "Near" (that's me)  speaking directly to her.

That's all.

How are you doing Christmas ?

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Mary Ann said...

I love this post. The "outtakes" are adorable. Glad to get the explanations about the different photos.