Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After Thanksgiving

I really am thankful.  No, Really.

I just didn't post a list of what I'm thankful for.

Seriously - I do say thank you a whole lot.  Who do I say it to?

To God.  My Maker, my Creator, My Savior, my God - who loves me - and opens up ways for me to love Him and be used by Him - the giver to me of husband and family and children and grandchildren.  He's given me good health.  He's given me safety and comfort and friends and mind and body and spiritual blessings and so so so so much.  I will live forever.  I have wonderful memories.  He's given me trials and ordinary and stress and He's given me not what I asked for.  He's given me different from what I expected.  He's given me simple and mundane - and did I mention ordinary?  Oh yeah.  I mentioned ordinary.  He's given me "not filthy rich".  He's given me American middle class.  He's given me the good, the bad and the ugly.  and YAY - He is my Savior, Redeemer, Sanctifier of my soul and heart - He shapes my life and orders my days and I am His.  I am His.  yes and hallalujah and thank you, Lord.

Anyway - it's the day after Thanksgiving.

What are you doing?

Kate is here.  Charlie drove his mom home.  My sister, Mary Ann, left this morning.  Ann, Steve and the children are in C'nooga with Steve's parents.

I'm the last person I would have expected to see in Huntsville today.  I was headed back to my dining room table to begin work, again, on the homemade ornaments.  (see previous post )  Kate wanted to make some similar ornaments - this kind...... the round orbs.

So - we went to Huntsville to Hobby Lobby to only get Scrapbook paper for this ornament.

After Hobby Lobby and Belks and Gap at Bridgestreet and Anthropologie and Cantina Laredo - we're back home.  PJ's on immediately.  Kate cutting out paper for ornaments.

I'm posting on this blog.

Welcome, Christmas Season.

Let us not go nuts.  Let us stay calm and simple and easy.  Let us be so glad He was born the way He was born and became a human being and lived in flesh.  
God became flesh.  God became human.
God saved us.

Wherever we are - whatever we're doing - How little we have - How much we have - How badly we hurt - How scared we are - God became flesh and lived amongst mankind and paid everything we have to pay for and now we can be safe and we can live.

He suffered the worst that can be suffered.  He lived through the worst that can be lived through.
He died and brought us life.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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