Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's Second Post - This One is Pictures

I'm doing an update on my yard. You know, I was all into wanting spring to be here and I took those bleak photos when all was gray - just to emphasize winter and the desire for color and warmth - then I took those pictures of the earliest spots of color and the earliest little shoots coming up - and now I'm taking it all for granted. I don't really, but I don't post pictures on my blog - I just enjoy the color as is everyone else. So - with this blog being a journal of sorts - I did go out today - which is rather overcast and our yard has not be manicured - and I took these pictures of where the color is on this 28th day of March, 2009.
Can't remember the name of this shrub, but we HAVE to, MUST, keep it pruned if we want it to stay in this spot - otherwise - it will grow huge and cover up everything. I like it low and wide.
Those are what will be iris's - in the middle - not in the pot. I have several clumps of Iris all around my bed. Definitely must take pictures when those are blooming.

This white flower is Alyssum??? I always, in my mind, pronounce it Asylum, but it isn't that. I think it's Alyssum, but I could be wrong. Of course Hosta in the foreground and future coneflowers which are out of control. They are not supposed to be in and near the hosta. We have to pull those up.

thrift amongst the daylily foliage and in the background is oregano - to the right is lamb's ear.

Not a pretty picture, but I love this!! It's the early shoots of my beloved Peonies. I want a whole collection of Peonies. I have the earliest start of a collection. I love Peonies.

From my side yard. These shrubs did have white flowers, but they're turning to green leaves now. Across the street are my neighbor's yellowbells, and hanging overhead is my purple something. I can't think of the name of that tree.

My Wysteria which Charlie and I MUST keep pruned, or the city will do it for us in an unseemly manner. It grows right up against a power pole or whatever they call it. Utility Pole.

The green stage of my white snowballs. They will soon be very very white. I like them green and I like them white.

Yellow snow on the ground. What used to be my Yellowbells or Forsythia. I've pruned these from beneath, all through the years - creating a little playhouse of sorts. I started it before there were any grandchildren - but it was for them....and for myself....I know I would love to "play" under there. Ellie is just now starting to appreciate that little "underworld". She sat under it the other day and seemed to enjoy the feeling of a cave. None of the flowers had fallen so there was quite a bit of privacy under that canopy of yellow. Soon it will all be green leaves.

A pot of Pansies and Violas

And this little spring flower. He's called Andrew.

That little baby face.

Those are my pictures on this Saturday.
And folks, I want you to know, I "looked rough", outside taking photos. I've not cleaned up for the day - so I probably scared the neighbors - who also probably would wonder why I was in these contortions, taking photos of not the greatest yard in Scottsboro.
I surely gave someone a laugh.

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LB said...

first of all, I wish I could kiss the top of Andrew's little bald head.

Second of all, (from your previous post), I want recipes!! Particularly, I want your pie crust recipe, bran rolls, Christmas Bread...what else are recipes that you have always made?