Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back in Scottsboro

Well, I had my week in Evergreen. I loved it all. My emotions were a bit unstable as I drove out of town - but so anxious to get back to family. I really wasn't planning to return until Monday morning - but hurriedly packed my car so I could leave on Sunday afternoon following the Tea which I had planned to attend. It was for the same cousin, MH, who is getting married, of course. I was packed and ready; and left about 2:45.

The luncheon was on Saturday morning. Mary Ann and I spent the week getting ready - it was all fun. She had had someone come in and do basic cleaning, but then we had to go even further and clear out the daily clutter which hinders our "party look". We did that, milled around town, getting fresh cut flowers and some from Copes Flower Shop which has been in Evergreen forever. Copes is the local funeral home, too, so it was fun being there for happy stuff, instead of "sad". On Thursday we also went to an antique/flea market there in downtown E'green - all of that was fun. All week there was silver being polished, china and crystal being washed, more linens being ironed. Just a few napkins. I had taken care of most of that in Scottsboro, before traveling. Friday was mostly cooking ahead for the luncheon and arranging flowers in M.A.'s house. Sarah arrived on Friday night, the only one of my girls able to attend - remember Ann's back at home with the new baby, Laura Beth is there helping her, and Kate's in China - so, Sarah was my representative daughter. :-)
So, below are pictures from the luncheon. And then I'll give the menu. All the recipes were from the past, belonging to family members which were our favorites that they made. I made menus with recipes and placed them in vellum envelopes - so those were the favors. We also made several copies of old pictures that related to Mary Hamilton, especially - They were on Mary Ann's mantle, piano, and a side table. So - pictures ....

This first one is Mary Ann's dining room table, set for the luncheon.

Closeup because I "overtake" pictures of the same thing.
Below is Mary Ann's living room from the dining room. We set up 3 card tables for 9 ladies. In the background is the mantle with the family pictures.

An arrangement of pale yellow lilies with a small white flower, can't remember the name.They were our favorite, the lilies. And more family pictures on this table.
In the background of this picture is Mary Ann's piano with the other pix.

Azaleas on the mantle, with dogwood and other cut blooms.

Pictures of the old photos, enlarged. Below each picture I'm explaining who it is.

First picture: Our grandparents and Mary Hamilton's great grandparents, Ella and Elbert, in the thirties or forties. Next Picture: Mary Robinson, Mary Hamilton's grandmother at about age 5 or 6, with my oldest cousin, Bert, Mary's first nephew.

Picture on the far left: Mary Robinson aiding my sister, Mary Ann, in walking. Mary Ann was about 1, Mary was about 17 or 18. Next is Mary and John Law Robinson's wedding picture as they are going in for the reception. I've described this house and "playing 'under the house" in a much earlier post.

First Picture: Receiving line for Mary and John Law's reception. That is Vida Law Robinson and Ella Northcutt, the two mom's, MHamiltons great grandmothers. Second Picture: On the couch is my sister, Mary Ann and my cousin Suzanne, sitting at the reception of Mary and John Law.

My grandmother, Ella, July 14, 1955. The next picture is Melissa holding Mary Hamilton as a baby.

Melissa's sister, Mary Claire, on her wedding day. Standing with her is Mary H. and John Law Robinson III, Mary Hamilton's cousin. The color picture on the right is Mary Hamilton as a little girl at her grandmother's sink.

Another table setting.


In Mary Ann's den we served coffee and dessert.

Hydrangeas, which I love these too.

The lilies.

The Robinson ladies eating.

My aunt, Florence with her back to the camera, looking at her menu.

Everyone eating. All family members, cousins, sister, daughter, aunt, cousins-in-law.

So here was a bonus. On Saturday night, Martha Robinson(married to my cousin, John, and also friend of mine from high school - I've told about her) and Mary Claire (my cousin - Melissa's sister) spent the night at Mary Ann's. We'll do anything to keep from staying at a motel in E'green. Not the finest of the fine. I apologize to the hotel folks there, but we're a bit picky.

Mary Ann did get up and dressed for church, and so did Mary Claire - but not Sarah, Martha nor myself. We had coffee and visited - all of us until M.A. and M.C. had to leave for church. We even called Val Carrier to come over and join us. Martha called her and woke her up - got her out of bed. Val lives in B'ham and had ridden down with Martha and was having a weekend visit with her mom. I have also written about Val in the same post when I explained who Martha was. Anyway, we all had fun and laughed and talked and analyzed. It's what women do. I guess men do it too.

But I was anxious to see Ada who was at my house - and I don't get to see her very much - so I hurried and loaded my old Corolla and went to the tea at 2:00 and left for North Alabama.

Good to get back - but I miss everyone down there. I wish I was wealthy enough to own a second home down there - so I could just have my spot there....and here. :-)

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