Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday and Spring Has So Arrived!

Good Morning!

Today is Thursday and the weather is beautiful.

I have realized I need to refresh my photos, add color and make my blog page wake up the way all the trees and other foliage are waking up. The colors in the yard are getting ahead of me - Charlie and I(mostly Charlie) have been doing a bit of early spring yardwork, but we need to do still more. The grass needs cutting again - actually it's the weeds that need cutting - but I'm grateful for those green weeds - they cover my lawn, and when the lawn mower goes over them - well - it all looks neat to me.

When I came home from South Alabama I found all the YellowBells in bloom - so pretty - and the Bradford pears have bloomed and are starting to leaf out - I have a snowball bush that is getting ready to bloom, but some of those frosts got one side of the bush - so it's not going to be completely full - :-( I'm just glad to get some blooms - because year before last I had none due to a very late frost. Also my little purple flowers, can't think of their name, not hyacinths, but look like miniature hyacinths - I'll show pictures and maybe someone can refresh my memory.

Ada and Laura Beth left yesterday for McDonough. I miss them already. Ada is so tiny and Laura Beth said that when she saw her daddy, she hugged him so, and wrapped those little arms around his neck. She had missed him so. I can just see her little curly red head and those tiny arms all around him.

I have pictures of her visit and I will take pictures of my yard and post all of that and then try to think of random things to write about - or not - Just as stuff comes to me - things I remember or things on my heart. Spring hasn't totally "sprung", but it's almost at its peak - we made it folks! through another hibernation period. YAY!!! Lord, sorry I complained - sorry I mumbled and grumbled. :-( Isn't it wonderful to break out of the indoors and enjoy the outdoors? Still a bit cool at times, but that's okay.

This morning I was having my coffee in the living room on the couch and I heard the swallows in the chimney. It's the Hotel Chimney on Byron Road for all those swallows. I called Charlie upstairs to ask if he'd closed the damper. We have had a bird or 2 get in our house. Ugh. I think I would prefer a mouse. I don't know. They're both unwanted in my house. He had not, but came down and closed the damper. Our chimney is a bird resort during the spring and summer. We never do get around to putting a screen up there - that's just so us to not get that done.

I have a bit to do and will post pictures later on.

Have a wonderful spring day!

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