Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking Back or What A Difference Color Makes

I decided to look for pictures I've posted on much earlier posts - which show the spring and summer and fall - and reveal how color affects our emotions - to remind anyone reading this of warmer days and more colorful days to come.

This was last spring. Ann wasn't pregnant. I don't guess I have ever posted this picture because I hadn't yet started my blog. This was one of the first milder days and my snowball bush had been blooming long enough to begin dropping petals.

This was in the summer - on a Sunday afternoon. It was the first weekend Ann had found out she was pregnant. That's Ellie in the sprinkler.

Ann with little Andrew inside - just a speck.

A summer afternoon rain - and I have shown this picture.

Moving into cooler days - but the sun still very bright. The leaves are off the trees, but there is still some color.

The sugar maple right before it changes color.

Golden with Luke to the left.

And this was yesterday - after I had been on the lawn mower

cutting leaves and old monkey grass.

Not to be too serious - but isn't it amazing how God planned the seasons - even the dormant stages - when one feels as if one is hibernating - the dormant stages, too, are so necessary.

Well - I am going to close this post.

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