Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where Do I Start

To convince you to read this post.

Don't go there yet, though.

I'll do multiple links to help you get there.

To me it's hilarious and has MADE MY DAY.

First of all, I have to tell you, the title of the post caught my eye because - well - here it is - Joy's Life-Is-Crappy Bachelorette Show.

The life-is-crappy phrase got my attention because Charlie and I have an inside joke about that.  Several several years ago, when I was taxiing my four children to every event, every class, all of the time, and trying to get everywhere on time, or at least decently on time - I was having a very bad moment and was very, very stressed, so I called Charlie on my cell phone to vent and I blurted out this statement to him, "I HATE MY CRAPPY LIFE!"  Well, clearly, I didn't and never have had a crappy life.  I've had crappy moments - a lot of which I've brought on myself - and well, life does get rather crappy at times - but heck - that's life and I just wasn't dealing with it very well at the time.  So - my husband who was busy at work providing for his family got the phone call from his wife who was acting rather "witchy" and screamed in the phone that infamous phrase.  I repented of my bad behavior and we've used it in jokes quite often and we say that with "tongue-in-cheek" - You get the point.  

so when I saw that post with that title I had to go read it.  Well, guess what?  I didn't realize this post was a spin on The Bachelorette Show.  I  HATE HATE The Bachelor Show and the Bachelorette Show.   They are wrong on so many levels and also painful.  I have watched some of them and I cannot imagine doing that, being that, whatever it is, fake or real, on public television to entertain people.  It's the bottom of the barrel kind of behavior.

So this post is a different spin on those two shows and it's priceless.  PLEASE READ IT!
If you feel that I'm too hard on those two shows, please comment and defend their virtues which apparently I've missed if there are any.  Also, would love to know if anyone out there loves this post like I do.

In case you didn't recognize all the different spots at which I handed out the link, then here it is, spelled out:  http://joyinthisjourney.com/2011/07/joys-life-is-crappy-bachelorette-show/

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