Monday, July 25, 2011

Andrew on Monday

Andrew waiting for me to get off the computer,
get a shower,
and go with Near (I am Near) in her car.

He has on Luke's size 5 shirt.
It's all I had clean at the house for a little boy.

Notice the silly band on his arm.
He wears it high.
And his shirt sleeve is caught in it.

After my shower and he's got a better shirt on.
It had been wet and I dried it.
Still Luke's but not quite so big.

He wanted to look at Abigail.
He pronounces it now,

I asked him where we were going in the car.
This is him talking behind his paci saying,
"To McDonald's, in Near's car."

To support himself there, on the couch,
he presses in on my tummy with his fist.

Now we're going.

But not just to McDonald's.
Going down to Unique Treasure's and make second payment on chair I got for Kate.
Also look at 6 other chairs which I can't quit thinking about.
Great price for the 6 of them.

And - no Monday is complete without a quick run to Wal-Mart.

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