Tuesday, July 12, 2011


whom I haven't
talked about very often.
He's been so attached to Laura Beth during the first year 
of his life, it was hard to get to him.
But slowly and surely he knows me, I think.
He still prefers men, as in Charlie or his Pop,
or even the older men in the nursery,
or even the eye doctor who checked his tear ducts for the necessary flushing procedure.
Of course his own dad.
But still, he likes me and of course I really, really like him!
He's forgotten those early days of his birth - I rocked him so much, when he wasn't nursing.  How I held his little head in my hand when on my shoulder that infant head starts bobbing like a little bird in a nest - asking for food - when he's just had it.
His tummy all full - but always wanting more.

Now he's 17 months.  
Growing into a man.
By way of little boy and young man.
But growing into a man all the same.
It's inevitable.

I can't wait until all of his jabbering turns into words we understand.  He talks a lot, once he starts talking, but the words don't make sense to anyone but him - well - they make a little sense to me and to whomever is really paying attention.  You have to follow him around and listen to what he's saying and talk back to him.  If you answer him in an intelligent way - well - he keeps the conversation going and explains a whole lot and points but of course it's all in jabber-ese.  

Okay - Pictures of John.

Here he is.

It has to be said,
"Isn't he cute?"


Mary Ann said...

Beyond cute. Who cut his hair?

LB said...

I really like the haircut in these pictures. Jessica saw it today at the pool and really liked it, so it's a hit. I love this post; I guess because it's about my John:) He was a STINKER in the pool today. He wanted me to not hold him in the big, adult pool. As if he could just get down and walk around in the water. It was tricky.