Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday - Midweek

I am in the middle of summer and I love it.

I prefer to stay at my house and in my yard. And be outside. It is as close as I can get to my childhood in the summertime on Williams Avenue in Evergreen. Under all those pecan branches and all those green green green leaves. We don't have pecan trees on our lot, but we have green trees. I enjoy tasks and projects and doing - getting things done - I also enjoy reading and I have been doing that, nonstop. What a great escape - what a great way to travel and go places. Just sit on my porch and get into that story and be in that place.

I've started all over with the Eugenia Price novels. I've read Lighthouse, then New Moon Rising and now Beloved Invader is what I'm reading. Beloved Invader was the first novel of hers I read. It's about St. Simons Island and the people, the real, historical people who lived there. Lighthouse and New Moon Rising are pre Civil War and into it and Beloved Invader is Post Civil War. So - this is the St. Simons Island series and then I'll do the Florida series or the Savannah Series. Her novels connect so many real, old families. She did so much research to put these together - and then talks about which characters are real and the ones she invented. I love it. I have a book which one of her close friends put together. It's titled Eugenia Price's South and is a great reference for all of her novels. It has maps and pictures and facts regarding all the people in her novels. Also talks about the plantations on St. Simons Island, and beautiful homes in Savannah.

Kate and I went to Savannah following her senior year in high school - but I've never been to St. Simons Island. I want to go there.

I have very little to write about today - but just going through the motions of posting so I won't get out of the habit.

I'm rather introspective today and have thoughts on my mind - but don't feel like exposing them here on the blog. Maybe later. I feel a bit antsy to get back outside.

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