Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here We Are in Evergreen, and This Post Is Very Random

Well - it finally happened - my very slow, very weighted down computer(as in a little note on my computer keeps telling me that my memory is getting full - and I don't know if it's talking about my brain or my computer's brain) - my computer did get a little virus. awwwwww. It all happened on Tuesday and I was going out of town on Wednesday. So - Tuesday night Charlie and I drove over to H'ville to leave my pet, I mean, my computer - with the Geeks at Best Buy. The Geek Squad. I love those guys. I wish I knew all that they know. I envy their knowledge of computers. I want to know it too. I am a bit of a Geek myself. We took the computer in and I told him it seemed a bit virusy. Sure enough, it had a virus. We spent a lot of time there and left it with them.

Guess what's weird. I haven't told anyone on this blog about our two pets dying. Our real pets. We had two golden retrievers. One was 15 years and the other was 9 years. Nettie, the 15 year old had gotten very very ill and obviously dying. We had planned to have her put to sleep on Monday morning before we left for Clearwater Beach. On Sunday, after church, Charlie couldn't find Jack, our 9 year dog, son of Nettie. He was under the porch and had died!!! That is so odd, that on the weekend we decide to have Nettie put to sleep, Jack died!!! He was HUGE!!! It was quite a dilemna for Charlie to pull him out from under the porch, dead weight - and find a place to dispose of his body - on a Sunday afternoon. But he did find a place - a friend has a farm and was kind enough to help Charlie get Jack into his truck and use farm equipment to dig a hole big and deep enough to properly bury him. Jack's finally on a farm. He was such a huge active dog, that we always said he needed to be on a farm. We have a fenced in backyard and back porch, which Jack and Nettie had full run of - but it wasn't really enough for Jack. He needed land. He was much, too much, dog for us. So - we are without pets, and I can't fake being sad. My daughter, Sarah, was emotionally attached to both of them and it was especially hard on her. I understand that the norm is for folks to be especially bonded with their pets. That just didn't happen with me and these two dogs. They turned my back porch and back yard into a "dog pen" and it smelled like a dog pen. They were very sweet dogs, just big and not suited for my yard and plants. I really wanted to not have pets, but wanted no harm done to them - I wanted comfort for them and happiness in dog terms. But alas they are gone - and I confess I don't miss them.

Okay - what's really weird and odd - is that after leaving my computer with the folks at Best Buy - and I came home - there in my computer spot I felt a twinge of something - like I missed it - How weird is that??? I had to think that I am really messed up if I felt no emotion after the two dogs were gone, but felt a little something over the computer being gone - (I'm actually posting this on someone else's computer)

Anyway - on Wednesday - Ann and the children and I drove from Scottsboro to Evergreen. We're here for the wedding of Mary Hamilton Robinson to Chandler Graves. Mary Hamilton is the daughter of my cousin. Ellie will be the flowergirl in the wedding along with Jay and William Robinson's being the bellringers. Jay and William are the two sons of another cousin. There are all these levels of cousins and William, Jay, and Ellie are in the 3rd level - with 1st cousins being the 1st level. As a matter of fact, when I was growing up in Evergreen, speaking of levels of cousins, I was always told by my mom and a few others that I looked just like Mabel Ellis who had been a cousin to my mother. They would stare at me and say I looked just like Mabel Ellis - well - on the way down to Evergreen yesterday - I was giving a travel update to my sister, Mary Ann, over the phone and she told me that Susan Cook and Jenny Gholston(2 other cousins) had been over to Mary's house with pictures of Mabel Ellis. I had not heard Mabel's name in so long (she was my mom's generation -mom would be 90 this sept '09) Mary Ann said that once again it was being said - the pictures look just like Elizabeth. I said to Mary Ann, "I just hope she looks good - because it's going to be a blow to my self esteem if after all these years I see her and well - you know what I mean". I saw the pictures and it was hard to tell - they were from the "roaring 20's era". And they were all yellowed - but sure enough. There was one and I saw me in it. Weird.

So - we're here in Evergreen - Steve's at home in Scottsboro. Charlie is at home in Scottsboro - but we're here. Ellie and Ann and Mary Ann will go to the bridesmaids' luncheon on Friday. I am going to babysit Luke and Andrew during that. There is the rehearsal and dinner - but Ann and Ellie are skipping the dinner - that will be during bedtime. On Saturday morning there will be a brunch for out of town guests hosted by Mary Claire Warlick and Martha Robinson - my cousins and aunts to the bride. Martha is the grandmother of Jay and William and I've blogged about her before when I visited her in B'ham right before Andrew was born. Mary Claire is my cousin whose daughter, Claire, is maid of honor in the wedding. It's a very Evergreen/family wedding and we're very glad to be here. On Saturday Charlie will be here at the wedding as well as Sarah and Laura Beth. Kate won't be here as she has to work. :-(

That is all about that - not very interesting and way too much information. It's all just so much of what is going on right now. I've been looking at the calendar before Andrew was even born - knowing this spring was going to be loaded with events - much more than I am accustomed to - I'm not a fast paced kind of gal - and I had anticipated this spring with a feeling of "I need to 'buckle up'. " First - Andrew's birth and all of that - Then - the luncheon that I began preparing for before his birth knowing I couldn't do "luncheon" stuff after he was born. Third - the luncheon and being gone a week for that - with Ann still needing help - and finally - these two wedding weekends back to back. Both weddings involve travel - especially the Clearwater Beach wedding - a place I've never been - and I'm not much of a traveler - although it was beautiful and the time with Charlie's family was really nice - I just love home. The only place I like next to home is Evergreen - which was my first home - so - there you are.

I said all of this to say that when I get back to Scottsboro - I still won't have my computer and don't know when I will. There will be no posting for a while. Maybe I can post pictures on Mary Ann's computer - of this weekend - before I return to Scottsboro.

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