Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Few Recommendations

Okay - 2 weeks since my last post.

I'm sick of seeing "Guess What I Did Yesterday" as the leading post.  It screams at me.  See?  I go to my blog regularly to see if there are new posts by other friends, family and various creative people.
The first thing I see is that loud title from two weeks ago.

So I'll share this.

I was listening to and watching, online,  an interview, yesterday, of J.I. Packer.  There were a few things I copied that he said.

Here is one:


Martin Lloyd Jones, how do you characterize his influence on you? (he mentioned other ways that Martin Lloyd Jones influenced him, as a pastor and teacher of God's word, but here is the one I copied down)

"In his sense that in the mind of God a church is the central concern and his insistence that no Christian ought ever to be content until the church is alive and cutting ice for Christ in the community, that emphasis is with me still, and I still think like Jones thought." J.I.Packer

Another quote:

If asked what reading I would recommend to anyone nowadays who wants reading that will disciple them I always say to start by getting Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress under your belt and go on from there to Owen and Baxter.  J.I.Packer

I have never read Pilgrim's Progress.  I've meant to.  He is referring to John Owen and Richard Baxter.  I have read some of John Owen but nothing of Richard Baxter.

Does the reader of this post use Google?  I do a lot.  If I don't know the definition of word, google it.  If I'm curious about a subject, google it.  Or a person, google them.  Sometimes it's a wild goose chase and I give up.  More often than not, my questions are answered.

I recommend googling Richard Baxter.  I just did.  I want to read some of his writings.

Another thing I recommend.  It's a cleaning product.  

Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner.  I have found it at Wal-mart.  It's one of those eco friendly cleaners and it smells delicious - like lavender.  Well, that's the scent I purchased.  Don't remember if there are others.  Ooh, so clean and refreshing to smell.  

Actually there are so many other scents because I just "googled" it.

The scent at the local Wal-Mart is lavender and I love it.
Makes me look forward, almost, to mopping my kitchen floor, 
or wiping down my counter tops.

One other recommendation
Besides beginning to read Richard Baxter or Pilgrim's Progress or John Owen,

daily go here:

This guy daily posts Tim Keller Quotes which are heart and soul and mind provoking.

Main recommendation.

daily say to God - "I want to know You.  I'm tired of me and myself.  Let me see You and love what You love.  Let me delight in what You delight in.  Show me Yourself. Draw me to Your Word. Give me a hunger for You and Your Word. Break my heart, cause it to be contrite and yielded to You."

Imagine God in Heaven and on Earth - creator of everything - and He loves us and loved us. 
God the son, became flesh and bore all of our sin and sorrow and grief and despair.
He bore our humanity so that we can be covered in Him, in all that He is and who He is.
He gave us all of His joy.

Say yes.


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