Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good Morning

Yesterday was school with Ellie.  She's in the first grade.  

And then we worked on her mom's birthday cake for today, February 1.

The recipe calls for 4 eggs.  By mistake I only put in two eggs.
Ellie and I know that it's delicious anyway, because I cooked one cupcake for Ellie out of the batter.
Not as dense as it should be, but delicious all the same.

I iced/frosted it with buttercream frosting.

Cake and Frosting Recipes from Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

31 years ago right now, 8:44, I would wake up in about 15 minutes to Motherhood.

The Earth moved that day.

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Mary Ann said...

I love this post. Yes, absolutely, the earth moved that Feb. 1, 31 years ago.