Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Sunshine

Yesterday, as Luke, Andrew and I returned from a walk,
I followed the boys as they cut through my neighbor's front yard into our back yard.  

That caused me to pass by my snowball bush.  I haven't given it or any of my flowering bushes much thought during these unseasonably mild days of January 2012.  But I saw this as soon as I topped that embankment. 

I have this one "almost" bloom on the bush.  And the whole bush is  full of mature buds just waiting and trying to come to full bloom.  First frost they'll all be ruined.  Sad.  This post is a memorial to what might have been.  I love and look forward to the white blooms on this bush in early spring.  

And there you have it.  What my bush is full of.
So, unless I'm wrong, all I'll be able to expect in the spring and summer are lots of pretty green leaves on this bush.  Oh well.  There's always other years of gorgeous whites.

I did take pictures of Luke and Andrew on the walk and earlier when Luke was doing school.

They're listening to rushing water beneath the street.

And here they are peering at what I showed them led to that underground noise.
Of course Luke asked if they could walk on that grate.
I recommended that we not do that.
The noise made Andrew a little insecure so he reached for Luke's hand.


Earlier in the day when Luke was tracing and writing his D's.

and his d's.

Andrew built towers while Luke wrote his letters.

Hope you're having a good weekend.
Grateful for more sunshine today.

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